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Monty and the Mugwumps iPhone Android game by Jatzan

Jatzan are a new wind in the mobile games industry, coming from different backgrounds, beliefs, creeds and planets.

The world has too long languished in misery with half-baked efforts from so-called "games companies". But now, the Japanese Ninja Coders have joined as one to create jaw-dropping, fully-baked products.

To find out more about us, visit our History and About pages. To learn who comprises this amazing new venture, check out who we are. If you are sad and can't get a job, you can look for vacancies on our jobs page - you never know, we hire all sorts. To keep up-to-date with the meanderings of the mobile world, check our blog.

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For your iPhone/iPad & Android

Download it for free now!

Jatzan WordBlitz is a FREE fast action packed word game that will test your brain and reflexes!

The premise is simple. Tap on letters as they drop to make a word and then click on the check (tick) mark. Each word increases your score. Some letters, e.g. Z, are worth more than others. Longer words will increase your score faster. Using the smaller letters that may appear will also increase your score quicker. If you select the wrong letter, don't worry, just click on the cross which will clear your selected letters.


You have just 3 minutes to get the highest score you can. Don't allow too many letters to fill up the screen or the game will be over.

Master the balance of getting the longest, highest-scoring words you can, with keeping the screen manageable.

Sounds easy?

Think you can get the highest score?

Now with online leaderboard, so you can compare your score with others around the world!

Get practicing now and tell your friends.

Jatzan WordBlitz is THE thinking person's game of 2011!

Download it for free now!


Monty and the Mugwumps

Released August 26, 2011

Download it for free now!

September 5 2011 review by Iphonegameruk

"Overall i'm going to give this enjoyable arcade puzzler type game a nice 4.5/5."
"Hugely fun arcade puzzle type game featuring some way funny in some cases but still challenging gameplay."
"Clean and simple graphics but features a great audio soundtrack and that all important charm factor and enjoyable gameplay."
"download the free and see if you enjoy it as much as i do and then purchase the full 80 level version as you won't regret it."

Monty and the Mugwumps

August 31 2011 review by Technobrains
"The more I play the game, however, the more I realize there’s just a bit of genius to the whole thing."
"there’s a rather addictive game lying underneath."
"Part of my problem at the beginning was that the level designs seemed pretty ridiculous, but as I continue to play I realize just how good some of them are."
"Monty is definitely one of those cases where you shouldn’t judge the book by its cover… or more appropriately, the game by its screen shots. The cool part is that you can get a full third of the game for free by downloading The Story Begins, so you can see for yourself what the game is like without spending any money. I think you’ll find that it’s worth an extra buck to get the remaining 60 levels. "

Download it for free now!


More games coming soon...

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