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We already have investors but will consider more. Prospective investors should study our prospectus and be aware that we will spend the money on stuff to help drive the business forward. To drive the business we need a Porsche 911, so that is the first milestone. After that, the plan is to go straight for an IPO, which means all our lucky investors will make an absolute fortune.

Do a Google search for "IPO" and "money" and you will see that this is a great plan for everybody. You win when we win.

If investors are concerned that our games may not do well in the marketplace and therefore not provide an adequate return on capital invested, may we just point out that we can’t possibly lose as much money as HP recently did when it axed it’s new Touchpad and WebOS division, and simultaneously said it was sick of making PC’s. If we lose money, then investors can be confident, that they won’t feel embarrassed like HP shareholders, as we will make no public statements to the press that we have not thoroughly ruminated on first.

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