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Beckhams go crazy for WordBlitz

September 31, 2011

Football may be David Beckham’s life, but it seems that iPad games are his latest craze.

Eagle eyed mobile gamers spotted David’s score (a hefty 991) in a new game downloaded from iTunes, called “WordBlitz”. Ref: online leaderboard

In the game, players compete to make words from the available letters, a little like Scrabble. Except, in WordBlitz the letters are dropping from the top of the screen, Tetris-style and then proceed to bounce around, making the game more arcade-like than intellectual.

Social gaming expert and psychologist, Professor R.W.Whyte, said that a game like WordBlitz would suit David’s competitive nature.

“Although, David is not known for his literary endeavors, his football career has clearly identified an adept brain, capable of outwitting the sharpest of opponents.”

“Obviously, his injuries in recent years, mean more time sitting on the bench, and therefore more time available to spend on iPad games.”

“It is also possible that Victoria would be attracted to such a game,” continued Professor Whyte. “In her current role as fashion model and socialite, the ability to ‘pull the right word out of the bag’, so to speak, is vital. WordBlitz trains players to use their minds more effectively in real-time.

According to the game’s designers, Jatzan, the Beckhams are just the sort of people they would expect to be playing WordBlitz.

“WordBlitz appeals to people from all walks of life,” says Strog Bornstein, Jatzan’s CEO.

“We’ve heard of movie-stars, musicians, even royalty who love to squeeze in a quick game of WordBlitz, whenever they get a few minutes.”

“It can take the real-life pressures away. A quick blast on WordBlitz, and your real-world problems just seem to dissipate.”

For those of us that will be unlikely to play against David on a soccer pitch, the opportunity to compete with him on your own turf has just become available.

All you need is a smartphone and a knowledge of the English language!

Jatzan WordBlitz - the game




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